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The Joyous Season

The air is chilly, but not yet bitter. The trees are bare of leaves, and not yet laden with snow. We've had our first snow, but drifts won't come for a while. The ground is brownish, the air not as clear as in October. The ancient sky not so bright.

Some people think that this is a dreary time of year, but they don't know the secret. It seems no one has told them that . . . . Christmas has begun!

Its cheer has been kindled, its lights have been lit, the music is playing. Our decorating commenced on deer hunting opener, as usual, and we are taking our time with it.
Because, you see, Christmas is a rushed season . . . by very nature, it seems. And if you don't start now, there is no time to savor it. How much nicer to be able to enjoy cooking, baking, and present-making under a festive glimmer of lights.

We're celebrating the Light of the World . . . and though His birthday does not come for a little while yet, we should take time to think about His coming, and His life, and His coming again. And become anxious in the waiting for His consolation, like Simeon did.

There's also something winterish and celebratory that we have come to call Christmas that simply has to do with snowflakes, and orange spice, and smooth jazz. It is winter coziness. To me, lighted trees and colored balls, expectation, and baking are all a part of that coziness, and should not be confined to a few days. Let the feasting begin!

Take time to find all your favorite holiday quotes in your books. Read "Shepherds Abiding" by Jan Karon again. (I listen to it on CD every year.) Learn new festive recipes (maybe with cranberries in it) and eat them now. You don't have to wait until Christmas day to make and enjoy them. Christmas is a Season, as well as a day.

A season to rejoice in, because God came down . . .

Down here with us . . .

Immanuel . . .

The assembly of our tree is a lengthy and often hilarious time.
Ben and I were the elfs this year
The little tree gets Charlie Brown lights
and 'candy' garlands
decidedly cozy. . .
And the cabin-y ornaments
untangling. . .
and stringing
with the 'Holiday Inn' soundtrack on,
And of course I had to add more twinkly lights to my bedroom. . .
. . . and balls

. . . and candles.


Fred & Leon said...

How delicious. I've been craving hot tea (or coco), lots of twinkling Christmas lights and a good book recently... Alysha and I were discussing just yesterday how we are wanting to put our Christmas tree up very soon. Maybe that's something we'll do this evening...

Much love to you, my dear friend and sister, <3


Ana said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!! It makes me miss cozy, winter-y times at your house! *sigh* I love your house!

Olivia said...

Much love to you too Emily! I hope you have a delightful decorating time. Hope to see you soon!

Ana~ you must come to our house soon. It's been far too long!

Kat said...

Beauty! Delicious! What jewels of prose and pictures. I can't wait to spent time with you in those coziest of spots.

Natalie said...

How beautiful! I can't wait to see it all in person. :)

Fred & Leon said...

*happiness* You're house always looks so delicious!!!


Mrs.Rabe said... inspired me and I now have Pandora on with Christmas music. The better to read blogs by!

This is our favorite season!

MKKealy said...

havent tried this yet myself, but it comes highly recommended:
this next one i have tried, and repeated throughout the year as it is simply amazingggggggggg on a toasted bagel with a schmear of cream cheese :)