In December

Although entirely unknown to you, I have been attempting to upload these pictures for the last three days, without success. But thankfully, I didn't completely give up, so here they are, if a little late. Meanwhile, I have been busy and blessed as usual.
We have over a foot of snow, the temperature has been below zero, but is now in the comfortable twenties. We have also been visited by a cardinal recently. Strange as it seems, we very rarely see these beautiful birds. They seem to like towns and such, and don't cross the prairie to us very often. This one has been a delight to watch. Brighter than we remember them, and shyer than our other feeder-friends. They look especially striking beside the bossy blue-jays, of which we have several.
The other pictures are pretty random, but I enjoyed them and hope you will too~
~Lights for Him~

The ever faithful Mitford book beside my bed ~I'm reading the series again from beginning to end :) . . . actually, I did rotate this so that it was horizontal, but it uploaded like this anyway. . .

the happiest book, by Diane Goode.


Fred & Leon said…
You're house looks so happy...:) I want to come over!!! <3

Olivia said…
Good! And it won't be long 'til then, will it?
Fred & Leon said…
Happily NO.... only about 17 more days...=D I CANNOT WAIT <3

I love you Livi,