~~Apple Pie Order~~

I wanted this one to be a bit Woodwold-y (to those who know what that means) so roses are growing through the lattice-work.


ac said…
Dear Livi, I know about Woodwold and am so glad you love it so, too!!
Love you!
wish I could sample some pie!!
<3 miss a
Mrs.Rabe said…

I do not know the reference to 'Woodwold' but an going now to google it!
Kat said…
Oh so beautiful, sister! The pictures are wonderful: color, composition, content. And a Woodwold roses pie--ahhh! Only you would think of that; what a thing of loveliness. (I'm so glad to share the delight of that book with you.)
Jodi said…
Oh, my; how appealing! No pun intended. ;) And I like what I could see of your recipe book.