In lieu of trying to belong to any number of societies: Chesterton, Sherlock Holmes, the Inklings, and so on: I propose and establish one of my own. Don your intelligence cap at the door; dust off your logic and imagination; did you bring your inspiration and encouragement? We are shapers, my friends; lit lamps; light-bringers. Bring quotes*; poetry should be uplifting and thoughtful, or witty and clever, (or both). Humor is encouraged; laughter is invited back. Pull up a chair. Anyone for tea?




 Autumn has come early this year.  Flowing in with September, the breezes have been chill and sharp.  The rowan tree in the back of the yard is droopingly full of orange berries, the trees along the streets are just starting to tinge of gold and strew the gutters with their abandoned foliage.  Twice I've heard geese fly over just after seven o'clock in the morning, and droves of sparrows are congregating on the dry grass under our windows.  We've had our first frost now too, ahead of the normal schedule, causing us to wear sweaters and layers even in the house, and sometimes a hat or a scarf outside.  The air is beautifully crisp though, and the clarity of the air lends a certain new perspective to our little corner here.  It just occurred to me that I haven't seen this place in fall light before, and that perhaps accounts for the feeling of particular delight as I gazed up at our rooftop, trees, and sky this evening.

Ben and I were playing catch with the football, (something I always forget that I like so much until I do it again).  It has a very special and familiar feeling, playing football in the fall; just as watching football does at our house.

Collecting leaves and wearing autumnal colors are a necessity at this time of year.  I just finished crocheting the shawl below, in all of my favorite colors, and it has been gratefully used in the last few days.  There are quite a few blankets piled on my bed too, and the weight of them when I crawl in at night has a feeling of immense comfort.  Hot tea is another thing that keeps us warm these days--I love the feel of the warm mug on your fingers, and the smooth warmth down the throat--what is better?
There are plenty of things to keep us busy around here.  Besides my own school, and helping out a bit with Ben's, I help keep the house in order and hopefully smelling of baked goods.  These first chilly days always remind me of pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins (featured in picture number one) and of molasses cookies and other good things.  As a delightful pass-time, I pulled out a great many of our fall-ish picture books and Susan Branch's Autumn, and piled them on the coffee-table for perusal whenever I get a chance.  I also pulled out our huge folder of loose recipes, and leafed through them looking for proper autumnal provender.  I found several, and they are now on top for a quick find when I'm feeling like a bit of cookery.

John Updike's

The breezes taste
Of apple peel.
The air is full
Or smells to feel--

Ripe fruit, old footballs,
Drying grass,
New books and blackboard
Chalk in class.

The bee, his hive
Well-honeyed, hums
While Mother cuts

Like plates washed clean
With suds, the days
Are polished with
A morning haze.

~a very happy thing~
(when Katie and the babies walked over to see us)


Becca said...

I love your drawings Olivia; you have so much talent! I also love the last picture, such cheery faces. =)

Jodi said...

Lovely post. I'm trying not to be jealous that you have a rowan tree on your property. "Oh rowan mine..."

Olivia said...

Thanks Becca!

And yes, Jodi, when I found out just recently what kind of tree it was I was thrilled to pieces! How fairytale-ish and delightful -- and English, for that matter (something I am never afraid of being =).

Fred & Leon said...

Beautiful post, Liv. <3 I do believe that Autumn is my favorite season of all... Although Winter is also going to be a wondful time this year, with (Lord willing) a visit from my favorite people! <3

Love you!

Olivia said...

Oh, autumn is my favorite too, but I'm definitely looking forward to this winter! ;p Love you too, dear Emmy!

Kat said...

Loved every. bit.

Julian said...

What sweet pictures of the squirrel, beautiful colors of the blanket, smell of the house filled with baking, and warmth of the sun thru the windows! I can sit here and laugh and be a wee bit jealous. We here in Texas are having a severe drought, and it feels nothing like autumn! LUCKY!! :)Have you ever had chai tea? Tastes like autumn. Look at Miss Gretas smile! Priceless:) . Have a blessed day.
~ Christina

Olivia said...

Thank you Christina!
I love Chai! I think I need to get myself some very soon ~ thanks for reminding me!

Kristina Elseth said...

Olivia, I just love to read every single thing you write! It all comes to life for me as I read, and OH how I wish I were there. Sounds so cozy. :-) I miss you, darling girl. I pray these are happy cozy days for you and yours. Keep this wonderful writing coming. You are so amazingly gifted. xo