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Glimpses from November

 Our days have been very full here, and promise to increase rather than decrease in the direction.  Many things fill the hours of my day, and I haven't been posting as much as I would wish.  I do enjoy it when I have time to upload pictures and write a few words, so I will be making a point to do it more often.  Meanwhile, on this first day of December I am sharing here a few snapshots of our busy November.  The first Sunday of Advent has come and gone, and this is the time for joyful anticipation among our many duties.  Have a blessed Advent, friends, and I hope to post pictures soon of decorating and card-making!
 warm Amish-bread, fresh from the oven
 Mama was taking pictures of me while I made window-stars.
 It was a cold day, and I was wearing sweaters and an extra-long skirt

 ...and this is what I was making!

 ~: My bedroom :~

 the reflection in a freshly washed window...
 first snow to stick-
~a blurry reflection of us having a ridiculous amount of fun at Subway~


Lyndsay said...

I LOVE the color of your bedroom walls.
Your pictures made me smile and miss you all terribly. I do hope that we can visit you next year!

Kat said...

O such lovely pictures...thank you for sharing them sis!

Olivia said...

Thank you both! I miss you too, Lyndsay, and look forward to seeing you again. Yes, I love the color of my room--I ended up painting it the same color as my old room. It's the best.

Fred & Leon said...

Hey... That pink window star looks awfully familiar. ;)


Olivia said...

Hehe... yup ;) you Em, and see you soon!

Fred & Leon said...

Love you too, Liv! See you in 23 days!!! <3