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Geese fly North

By which I mean to tell the world that spring is truly around the corner!  Not only did I enjoy a very spring-like trip to Illinois, in which I got to hear frogs and wear short sleeves, but even here in our little town we are getting a taste of it.  The last couple of days have been in the sixties, with warm sun and pleasant breezes.  The geese are honking overhead, flying north-west in great V's.  I sat out on our little deck a bit last evening, blanket on my lap, a cup of tea in hand.  It was good to see the sky again and be able to drink in the air.  Silas lay by me a while, enjoying the weather while I wrote in my notebook.  Creative juices start to flow in the free, fresh air; and my energy gets a bit of a surge, like sap running in the trees.  It makes me want to run and climb trees and breath deep into my lungs; so I took the opportunity, and went out walking and jogging with Silas.  The sidewalks were wet from rain and melting snow, a robin was hopping and singing in the damp evening trees, and the ground smelled so good to me.
photo courtesy of Pinterest
I'm looking forward to summer.  Our winter has been rather mild... more like an English winter I suppose (and if I think that, then I don't mind it at all =) but I am ready for spring to come.  I am reminded of all the lovely things we do in spring and summer... So I'm planning my window-box/roof-garden, and various projects.  I remember how our whole town is perfumed during lilac season, and what a pleasant place to ride my bike.  And I'm dreaming about reading out in a tree again. . . .

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Mrs.Rabe said...

Spring is full of delights! Enjoy your nice weather - even now at dusk I am sitting and listening to the bird song in my budding maple trees. We have been planning our garden and I just bought new roses to plant!