Through blanket darkness, cloudy eves
A creeping twilight through the trees
Always look for stars
When shadows lengthen out of sight
And bats come out to take their flight
When sleep gets restless in the night
Don't forget the stars

As dawn emerges like the spring
With birdsong calling you to sing
Watch the rays of sun
When morning warms the dewy ground
Light-dapples dance without a sound
And life gets busy all around
Turn and face the sun

When grasses rustle, all alone
And tree-tops breathe and sway and groan
That's the mighty wind
In open fields, with blowing hair
Run on, and chase the breezes there
As if you think you'll catch the air
Befriend the flighty wind

An afternoon's the perfect time
When quiet moments come, to climb
High into a tree
To find above the busyness
A solitary sturdiness
A resting place of timelessness
Find a tree and climb

So watch the vast expanse of blue
In moody depth and varied hue
Waiting for the moon
The clouds and shadows scurry on
Until the light and color's gone
The owls come out and stars 'turn on'
Welcome in the moon


Jodi said…
I wish I could hear you reading this.Just wow.
Kat said…
You are just the best. This is so beautiful.