Hello my friends!  I've been a bit absent lately, owing largely to the fact that I am off on a bit of an "expotishun" as Pooh would say.  A Took-ish adventure ~ a bit of air-travel down to South Carolina and spending time with some very dear friends.  The kind that are, for all practical purposes, family.  I hope to learn and be stretched in this little time away ~ a time for different views and perspectives ~ new scenery (sunshine!) ~ pleasant time with old and new friends.  There is excellent company and intelligent conversation and (of course) plenty of books.  We've played some games, taken a bike-ride, looked after little kids, eaten great food (even roasted some s'mores ;) and worshipped together on Sunday morning.  Even the sunshine seems a marvel to me, coming from the frozen north and all, where snow still dominates.  The warm air and green grass, the birdsong and sunshine are balm to my soul and mind!
I am so grateful for this opportunity for travel, new horizons, and new experiences.  I pray that God would teach me many things during this stay.  I am already being challenged and encouraged to rely more on him, and that's the greatest lesson to learn!  There are many more planned and unplanned adventures ahead.  I'll be here for a few more weeks, and hope to update regularly.  (But we'll see, I may be too busy having adventures... you never know.)
Here are several pictures from my time so far... 


Shasta, a new friend
Look--it's green!


hammocks and sunshine...


Jodi said…
I hope you have a marvelous time! Blessings friend.xx
Julian said…
Looks fun! Have a great time!
Lyndsay said…
Yay! Loved reading this and so glad to see you are having such a wonderful time. :)
Mrs.Rabe said…
I love adventures!

Have a great time!