The more I travel, the smaller I feel in the world, and the happier I feel in seeing; I'm wide-eyed fascinated at this crazy life on this spinning planet. So long as I can still see the colors of each day, I'm all right. When I can see sixteen shades of blue in the sky, or gradations of sparrow-brown, bright eyes flecked with memories and different colors... and I remember God's handiwork is in every fiber... that's when I can laugh at the riotous, blazing, happiness of the sky; laugh with joy that I can actually know Him, know God! I can even laugh at tomorrow.

My favorite stories: in books, in movies, in life; are the ones that help me see. That's why I read, that's why I travel. Glimpses. Never wanting to let my eyes get weary of seeing; encouraging with new sights, new lands for the imagination, lest monotony or fatigue trick my mind into thinking the color is gone. Beauty. The unseen behind the seen.

"Beauty is a path along which we catch a glimpse of the chimneystacks of home; it is a lamp in the window on a dark night, a song remembered from our infancy. Beauty sings what the youngest part of our souls already knows: this is only the beginning." --Lanier Ivester