Microfiction: twitterfiction

Week 4 of the writing contest was 'Write a story in only one tweet-length sentence: maximum 140 characters! Give us a setting, actors, actions, a narrative arc, and an climax—all in less than the length of this prompt!'

Some of my entries placed in the popular vote category (they will later be published in an e-book), so I'm only  posting my other entries here.
This post is late, so weeks 5 & 6 are also done, and I will be posting my non-placing entries here when I can.

Under the Bed
Where I come from, the monster beneath your bed is your greatest protection, teacher, and chance for success in life; I am one of them.

Cecily blew in on a wild autumnal day, taught me to see beauty in stars, in books, in people’s eyes; my Mary Poppins, please don’t go.

She was afraid he would learn the truth about her; but when he did, he became the truest friend she’d ever known.

Walker & Walker
In the heart of London, Elsa deciphered code and Jim read the people; some landed in prison, others became family.