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In honor of summer

written a few days ago

Yesterday was a long work day, and not very warm; so I'm celebrating the Beginning of Summer today instead. I've spread out my sunning blanket (cool fabric, light and fluffy, and I don't mind getting tanning oil on it) and a beach towel, and grabbed my water bottle, notebooks, and laptop. I even began cutting up the watermelon, but haven't brought it outside yet, for fear I'll eat the entire thing.

This year has been long. And short. Tight-packed with all manner of lessons and growths, fellowship and friends, ministry, food, hard moments, breakthroughs, and many stretching experiences. I realize I haven't done very well on the posting-every-day which I started out trying to do. But over all, this whole Year-In-The-City thing has been a great success. And I hope you weren't expecting to get rid of me, Big City, 'cause I'm sticking around for a while.

Thoroughly enjoyed this article this morning.

And while we're on the topic of childhood... my seven year old nephew's birthday has renewed my love of planes, as I search high and low for awesome ones like I grew up with. I forget periodically how nerdy I am about WWII aircraft. And how much airplanes just get me, every time. I've been wearing my prop earrings the last couple of days (that I got at the Air and Space museum--love you Smithsonian!). You know they have the Wright brother's actual plane?

And while we're on the subject of nephews, I just got another one! Rejoicing all around. I get to see him soon, and spend some time with the precious (not as) littles!

Learning every day more of who I am in Christ. Spirit, heart, voice. Thank you to all who are journeying with me.

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