Wednesday, October 27, 2010

....""You can rely implicitly on Jeeves. Ah," I said, as the door opened. "Here he comes, his head sticking out at the back and his eyes shining with intelligence and what not. You have thought of something, Jeeves?"
......."Yes, sir."
......."I knew it. I was saying a moment ago that you always find the way. Well, let us have it."
......."There is a method by means of which Mrs. Travers can be extricated from her sea of toubles. Shakespeare."
.......I didn't know why he was addressing me as Shakespeare, but I motioned him to continue.
......."Proceed, Jeeves."
.......He did so, turning now to Aunt Dahlia, who was gazing at him like a bear about to recieve a bun." ~P.G. Wodehouse, Bertie Wooster Sees It Through

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