In lieu of trying to belong to any number of societies: Chesterton, Sherlock Holmes, the Inklings, and so on: I propose and establish one of my own. Don your intelligence cap at the door; dust off your logic and imagination; did you bring your inspiration and encouragement? We are shapers, my friends; lit lamps; light-bringers. Bring quotes*; poetry should be uplifting and thoughtful, or witty and clever, (or both). Humor is encouraged; laughter is invited back. Pull up a chair. Anyone for tea?



The next stage. . .

"Ride now, ride now! Ride to Gondor
..."Suddenly the king cried to Snowmane and the horse sprang away. Behind him his banner blew in the wind, white horse upon a field of green, but he outpaced it. After him thundered the knights of his house, but he was ever before them. Eomer rode there, the white horsetail on his helm floating in his speed, and the front of the first eored roared like a breaker foaming to the shore, but Theoden could not be overtaken. Fey he seemed, or the battle-fury of his fathers ran like new fire in his veins, and he was borne up on Snowmane like a god of old, even as Orome the Great in the battle of the Valar when the world was young. His golden shield was uncovered, and lo! it shone like an image of the Sun, and the grass flamed into green about the white feet of his steed. For morning came, morning and a wind from the sea; and darkness was removed, and the hosts of Mordor wailed, and terror took them, and they fled, and died, and the hoofs of wrath rode over them. And then all the host of Rohan burst into song, and they sang as they slew for the joy of battle was on them, and the sound of their singing that was fair and terrible came even to the City." ~THE RIDE OF THE ROHIRRIM, The Return of the King, J. R. R. Tolkien
Mama mixed some of our old paints to make this delicious avocado color for the smaller furniture in my room. So I have been listening and painting, and most is back to normal. I have a hard time deciding what portion of The Lord of the Rings to quote, because all of it is so glorious. This is only a little sampling, and part of its beauty is in reminding me of the rest. . . still, I hope you like hearing it. [please excuse the lack of proper symbols on Eomer, Orome, etc.]


Fred & Leon said...

That's such a pretty color:) I can't wait to see your room with all the newly painted furniture!!! I hope I won't have to wait too long;)

luv you!!


Mrs.Rabe said...

The color is great on your daughter is a huge fan of two would get along well, I think.