A glimpse of summer these past few days -- deep blue sky and leafing trees, thunderstorms at night. Instruments after sundown by a little fire, singing and being all together again. Brats on the grill, potato salad, and rhubarb crisp; basketball, biking, and some more rain. And more than anything the green light of sunshine through the trees, and the smell of lilacs on the air.
(piglet is entirely surrouded by water)

a living centerpiece

a very good smell was coming from this direction . . .

The cool grilling dudes 

the lily-of-the-valley smelled heavenly

Garden catalog

my people

watching the grillers . . .

 . . . and look, they're almost done!

Griller Dudes

A lovely spread

. . . and I can't resist the leaves and sky


Kat said…
What a lovely day it was together! Thank you for taking pictures. <3
Nikki said…
When did Ben get as tall as Will?! :)
These pictures and postings are just lovely, Olivia.