From April

Well, it isn't April anymore, is it?  But here are some pictures from that month.

 Cloudy, with Requiem on.
Don't you love the smell of searing beef?

This window faces south and gets lovely sunshine.  That tree is just about to burst into leaf.

Our little wood-sprite loves to cook~ whisks, funnels and garbanzo-beans!

Amusing the little ones . . . what's got their attention now?

A very tasty meatloaf, courtesy the Nigella Kitchen cookbook

Some things aren't as pretty to look at as they are to eat, but I absolutley love a cold meatloaf sandwich

These too are better to eat then photograph--gooey mozzarella quesodillas and tea.

I have lately been occupied with drawing a map of Middle Earth.  I don't draw very often, but I very much enjoyed this little project.

Early stages

This is the whole thing.  Those places are so familiar and pleasant to me!
Looking out onto Eriador and The Shire from the Sea.
 These are just some random pictures from April.  May has come now, although it seems not to be able to decide whether it is summer or still winter.  Yesterday was pretty chilly, but today is warmer and sunny.  I hope you enjoy your May, too!


Leah said…
Livi these pictures are delightful! And your map! Amazing!!!! :)
Becca said…
Wow, such amazing detail in your map of Middle Earth! It's wonderful! And the quesodillas look delicious. =)