A fly-by of summer pictures

Road Trip to the city:

Such a ham!

we get kind of goofy in the van. . . .

he sees Sister and Mama
Sweet face!

Oh yeah!
. . . Random picture, I know, but I was just loving the colors of summer.

and that's me in the rearview mirror. . .

 . . . . *~*~*. . . .

Bee-balm posies from Katie and Greta!

Ever seen Tangled?  It's a cute movie.  I enjoyed showing it to Katie and Caleb :)


Jodi said…
Love the Randomness :) Yes, we've just seen Tangled. My daughter Bronwyn and I enjoyed it so much.
Kat said…
It was so lovely to spend that day with you! These pictures make me happy. <3 (And we had such a lovely afternoon/evening with you all last Sunday, swimming & watching!)