Highlights from last week ;p

These pictures are courtesy of Katie, and Will, and Ben.  All photoshop courtesy of Will.  These are just the highlights of a very busy and delightful week.

Nechville concert

Wilson and Greta Rosie

Cuties, all of them

Concert in town

with refreshments afterwards

A couple of very happy people I know

Best friends
100th Post for Run the Earth and Watch the Sky!


Fred & Leon said…
Oh Livi, I had such an amazing time with you guys!!! I can't wait until next time!!! :)

Love you <3 <3 <3

Melissa said…
One hundred! Yours is a beautiful and uplifting blog, Livi! Long may you post! Love the pictures...
Kat said…
A treasure of a week!
Happy 100th! I am so glad you're here. ~'*
Jodi said…
Ditto! I'm going to have to go back and see what I've missed!
Fred & Leon said…
Happy 100th post, Liv!!! I loved looking through the pictures in this post... and that last one is my favorite.<3 Best friends and sisters in Christ. <3 Love you!

Olivia said…
Love you so! <3
So glad we share our wonderful Savior as well!
Fred & Leon said…
Oh, and It also makes me quite happy to see that picture of me and your brother on here... ;) <3

Olivia said…
Yeah, we like that one around here...
Love you, friend!