Itasca Music Festival

Buddies. . .  goofy ones.

Road - tripping

Big sky

North woods

new strings on the instruments

We stayed at a really delicious cabin near the river


fiddle workshop

time with Jude

Thanks to the Bankesters for a great show!
* ~ * ~ * ~ *

Riding with these guys makes time fly

Beautiful thing

Feet in the headwaters of the Mississippi

crossing on the stones

Rivulets and Eddies


~**~ (  ;p  ) ~**~


Julian said…
looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing! christina
Fred & Leon said…
LOVED this trip!!! :)

Kat said…
It looks like a wonderful time! Thank you for sharing it with me with these pictures!
Fred & Leon said…
Love it. All of it. :)