Thursday, October 13, 2011


photo by Motherdy

Autumnal Sunshine Colors
By Olivia, September 2006, age 12.
.Autumnal sunshine colors
Are the prettiest of all
The golden rays of sunshine
And the maple leaves that fall
Autumnal sunshine colors
The darkest, they are the best
The deepest red of apples
And the golden leaves at rest
Autumnal sunshine colors
Are the happiest it seems
And yet they are the saddest
Oh, the gold and silver streams
Autumnal sunshine colors
Some are warm and some are chill
The branches shed their beauty
Yet their beauty is there still
Autumnal sunshine colors
Are bountiful at harvest
The squash and oh, the pumpkin
And peppers--you're fully blessed
Autumnal sunshine colors
You can see them in a bird
See a gorgeous red or brown
Flash, they're gone without a word
Autumnal sunshine colors
Shine through Black Eyed Susans fair
And though it may be sunny
You feel crispness in the air
Autumnal sunshine colors
You can taste with every bite
Into a crimson apple
Or a piece of pumpkin bright
Autumnal sunshine colors
Are in each seed which does float
To the earth that softly waits
With a golden autumn note
Autumnal sunshine colors
They appear from left and right
Like a many featured gem
Like a ruby in sunlight
Autumnal sunshine colors
They are waiting ever near
Waiting for you to seek them
So search, whether there or here.


Jodi said...

How the Lord must be pleased at the way in which you use the gift He gave you. You shine! I like your colors.

Olivia said...

Thank you Jodi! I cherish your encouragement.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Lovely words, Olivia!