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Evening sights 8-31-12

Note: the date on all of these pictures is not correct; the correct date for these pictures is
August 31st 2012
 After the seeing the beauties of the Library of Congress, and snooping through its gift-shop for a bit, we walked back to Union Station and we had ... lunch? (it was 4 o'clock in the afternoon)--tea, then, at the Center Cafe.  The ceiling vaulted above us in arches and windows, and the chairs were red and white basket-weave.
I had the Alaskan Salmon Salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, bib lettuce, mesculin, avocado, and tangy herb dressing. It was most delicious, and the hummus appetizer was scrumptious as well.  There were even candles.
 Then Michal drove us through Georgetown, and around Rock Creek Park, which was such a lovely drive.  Great stately office buildings, and colorful brick houses and splendid tree-lined streets.  Bridges over the Potomac, round-about traffic that (since I wasn't the one driving) just made it more fun.  The sun was lowering just enough to glow about the rooftops and glare in our eyes, while the blue August sky set off each color and sight of the city.
 We parked right by the Potomac river, and walked along it on the path seeing the trees, the bridge and the river itself.  We could see the Washington Monument from where we walked under the drooping trees, and we decided to walk to the Lincoln Memorial, which is one of my favorite memories from the trip. 
This is where I was remembering Ben and Riley "It's like stealing a national monument, it's like stealing him.! It can't be done...." ;)
The steps were huge and smooth; I walked up, marveling at the size of the structure, the immensity of the pillars; and then I saw Abraham Lincoln.  I'm not sure I ever knew before quite how large the statue was, but there he sat.  So grand, and yet approachable, being (as I suppose) very like he himself was.  His words took on new meaning, as I read every one of them engraved there on the walls....
....Words so well chosen as to last through many ages.
Nor will I soon forget him.
Then we sat on the steps, looking out over to the Washington Monument and its reflection in the glittering pool, and to the capitol beyond.  As the sun sank we went home, saying goodbye to Michal and getting back on the metro.  It was pretty dark by that time, and I was happy to sit back, trying to digest all the loveliness of the day, and continue watching the many different people.  One African-American guy in an adidas shirt carried a full-sized keyboard onto the metro with him. ;)


Gigi said...

Hi Livi - you did a beautiful job of capturing part of our trip - my we did cover a lot of territory didn't we? Memories for a lifetime - thank you for being my travel partner.

Olivia said...

Yes, indeed--thank you for taking me on such an adventure!