Busy rest and restful busy

I was able to start my Sunday slow today, go to the late service at church, and then fill my afternoon with productivity.

I first headed off to the laundromat, with my backpack and pile of laundry. Settled in on a chair while I waited, and was able to put in some time studying Jeremiah, various devotions, notes, and list-making for the week. Copied out some lyrics for the weekend. 
Then I headed home to do some cooking -- I haven't gotten time to properly cook in a while -- before heading out to watch the game later on.
part of my adventure into gf df veggie lasagna.
turned out rather well, and satisfied my desire for pasta, lasagna, and pizza
Quite the Super Bowl upset. I wasn't terribly invested in the Falcons winning, so I was able to enjoy the suspense and final victory. I tend to like underdog wins anyway, and with all the records they set tonight, I'm totally happy for them.