Deep breath

During a busy week of work and getting ready for a busy weekend, it's good to be able to stop and relax.

Sometimes that's a cookie and a pot of tea, or a movie with roommates. Tonight it meant a long hot bath with lavender essential oils, small blue candles, and Bill Evans pandora.

This week has been a powerful one for my heart-journey, and I pray that all that would continue and grow as we go into this weekend and that the power and presence of the Holy Spirit would manifest itself in new ways.

Take a deep breath, my friends, as we head toward the weekend. Whether you're heading on a retreat, or finding solace in your own heart, at the table Jesus has set before you, or both... rest your head. Let joy find you. Pray for our Big Sandy weekend. Pray that your own heart would be bowled over by new knowledge of the love of God for you.



Anonymous said…
Let that joy find you. That is precious!!~tammy