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A Day in the City

Last Saturday my family and extended family drove into the city to visit the Science Museum. We all drove in the same van, so niece, nephew and friends made the time go pretty fast. I love the tall brick many-windowed buildings, and the old architecture. Because I love picture-books like Nana's Birthday Party, and Bravo Maurice, they remind me of cozy families on the twenty-seventh floor, with drifting music and potted plants on the fire-escape. It may be a view closeted from hard realities, but the best authors are only drawing to our attention the real beauties in unexpected places; teaching you to see them; inspiring you to make them true. It's a good lesson in optimism; not giddy naivety, but an eye for the beautiful things in this life. And these should point us to God. For truth and beauty are His, and we should look up those rays to the Son.
This is a signboard for the Omnitheater show we saw. It was the first I had been in and I loved sweeping over the landscape and cities, and seeing inside their homes. I love learning about places and cultures.
One of the main exhibits was of the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient manuscripts from the Old Testament Scriptures, and a few others, dating back to Jesus' time or before. They were discovered in caves around the Dead Sea in 1947, and many people have been occupied in study and preservation of them, since. It was extremely interesting, both from an archeological point of view, and because it shows how God preserves His Word, but we weren't allowed to take any pictures there.

. . . several of these pictures were taken from a dining patio, open to the sky and the view, in the Science Museum.

~my sweet niece, Greta Rosie~


Fred & Leon said...

I love reading your blog Livi!! You have such a wonderful way with words. It leaves me with wanting more...:)


Mrs.Rabe said...


I read your sister, brother and Mother's blogs! In fact I found your blog from a link on Kate's.

What a wonderful day at the museum - just the kind of stuff I love to pour over myself.

I am enjoying your blog, very much!