Literature and the Culinary Art

A cozy bookshelf--one of many in our literary home. . . with maps above it of our favorite places--some of them we have been to, and some of them we have not. Books are some of my favorite things in the world--some of my best friends--and they too have increased my natural love of geography. . . as well as history and words and . . .
But I do love to bake too! And I recently made these "Oatrageous Chocolate Chip" cookies--a household favorite. And pizza that night. These are some random pictures. . .

:: :: :: :: ::

. . . homemade pizza crust rising before its first baking: I gave it 'freckles' with some whole wheat flour, a little rye flour, a dash of spelt flour, and a sprinkle of flax meal.

:: :: ::

. . . fennel seeds toasted in olive oil, a little onion, a lot of garlic. . . crushed tomatoes, a dab of tomato paste, oregano, basil, salt . . . and a little more garlic.
Mama roasted some chopped zuchinni, onion, and garden tomatoes.
My family loves pizza, and it is one of my favorite things to make.
:: :: ::

Can't you almost smell that?


Katya said…
Oh, this makes me so happy. Lovely, cozy pictures of bookshelf and cooking...I feel like I'm there.
I love the new additions to your sidebar as well.