Autumn Picnic

The Vine Bearer

With such beautiful, fleeting weather, Ben and I decided to spend a day out in it. The air was cool, but the sunshine was lovely. We brought a loaded picnic basket, books and embroidery in my back-pack, and planned to make wreaths from the vines in the grove. They look like wild grape vines, but they don't grow grapes.

This was the first one I made
And then it was time to eat:
cold chicken
refrigerator pickles
apples and dip
apple-butter sandwiches
pumpkin bread
and a little tea, lemonade, & water

I wanted it to be special for autumn.
. . . he likes chicken :)

Do you notice what I didn't? windfall. . . the real picnic experience

Atop the round bales near the pond:
Enjoying Susan Branch

And another, thicker one. Can you see the curly tendrils?

~sage and yarrow~


Katya said…
What a lovely, lovely picnic! I enjoyed these pictures so much, Livi.