A Milne-ism, if you follow me. Simply to say a very Happy Birthday with love from me to Mama. I thank God that you were born, and that I was born to you! Many happy returns of the day, to the one who taught us all to love and quote Winnie-the-Pooh.

"Now Roo, remember what I told you yesterday about making faces? . . . . "


Melissa said…
'If you go on making faces like piglet, you'll grow up to look like piglet, and THEN think how sorry you will be!' :) Too bad I can't write with a delicious British accent...Thank you, sweet girl. You've made my birthday a very happy one.
Fred & Leon said…
Happy Birthday, to the greatest Auntie in the world<3 I love you sooo much!!!!

Katya said…
Lovely. Hipy Papy Bthuthdy to my dear Motherdy! So lovely it was to spend the day around her and you, dear sis. <3