I saw Jupiter last night, blazing from its velvet of sky.
I'm not nearly as good with constellations as I hope someday to be. I only know a few--the Bears, Polaris, Cassiopeia, Leo... often I can pick out Orion. I was riding home from Ben's basketball game last night through dark countryside, thinking and listening to the radio. When it's night outside one forgets to watch out windows, but when I did I was rewarded by a star so bright it almost took shape in that blanket of sky. 'That's got to be a planet' I said. And Will obligingly pulled out his phone and found his constellation app for me. I spent the remainder of the drive pointing it around and exclaiming at what I saw.

Sure enough, I had found Jupiter in the Eastern sky, right alongside the Twins, Castor and Pollux. Over to the right, just as I had expected, was Orion. From there, I couldn't see many other stars from my window, but I still waved the phone about, seeing what was out there in space, whether I could see them or not. When I pointed it at Will, I was told that (way beyond him in space) was the constellation of Neptune; above my head was a Pegasus, and over a little I found Perseus. These made me grin, and I told Will that it was a lot more fun looking at constellations when I knew a little mythology. I know what all the names are now! (Thanks Rick Riordan, for getting me interested!)


Auntie Meredith said…
One of my sweetest memories will always be our last night with you in MN lying in Katie and Caleb's driveway looking at stars. A treasure in my heart.