In lieu of trying to belong to any number of societies: Chesterton, Sherlock Holmes, the Inklings, and so on: I propose and establish one of my own. Don your intelligence cap at the door; dust off your logic and imagination; did you bring your inspiration and encouragement? We are shapers, my friends; lit lamps; light-bringers. Bring quotes*; poetry should be uplifting and thoughtful, or witty and clever, (or both). Humor is encouraged; laughter is invited back. Pull up a chair. Anyone for tea?



Wodehouse Wednesday

"It was one of those days you sometimes get latish in the autumn when the sun beams, the birds toot, and there is a bracing tang in the air that sends the blood beetling briskly through the veins.”
~ P.G. Wodehouse

  ' "That is the mystery which we have to solve. This Honest Patch Perkins, as he called himself, must have borrowed you car . . . with or without your permission."
   "Incredible, m'lord"
   "Thank you, Jeeves. Incredible! How would I know any Honest Patch Perkins?"
   "You don't?"
   "Never heard of him in my life. Never laid eyes on him. What does he look like?"
   "He is tall . . . about your height . . . and wears a ginger mustache and a black patch over his left eye."
   "No, dash it, that's not possible . . . Oh, I see what you mean. A black patch over his left eye and a ginger mustache on the upper lip. I thought for a moment . . ."
   "And a checked coat and a crimson tie with blue horseshoes on it."
   "Good heavens! he must look the most ghastly outsider. Eh, Jeeves?"
   "Certainly far from soigne, m'lord."
   "Very far from soigne. Oh, by the way, Jeeves, that reminds me. Bertie Wooster told me that you once made some such remark to him, and it gave him the idea for a ballad to be entitled, 'Way down upon the soigne river'. Did anything ever come of it, do you know?"
   "I fancy not, m'lord."
"Bertie wouldn't have been equal to whacking it out, I suppose. But one can see a song hit there, handled by the right person." ' 
---The Return of Jeeves, P.G. Wodehouse

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