hues of joy

" This world of ours is a happy world, so that God is our end, so that we can say to Him, "Thou art my God."  Then everything takes new hues of joy and love.  Our daily comforts have a soul in them, for they abound in thanksgiving; our daily infirmities or crosses have a special joy in them, because they are so tenderly fitted to us by the medicinal hand fo our God; the commonest acts of life are full of deep interest, because their end is God; daily duties are daily joys, because they are something which God gives us to offer unto Him, to do to our very best, in acknowledgement of His love.  It is His earth we walk on; His air, we breathe; His sun, the emblem of His all-penetrating love, which gladdens us.  Eternity!  Yes, that too is present to us, and is part of our joy on earth.  God has given us faith to make our future home as certain to us, as this our spot of eath; and hope, to aspire strongly to it; and love, as a foretaste of the all surrounding ever-unfolding, Almighty love of our own God. " --E. B. PUSEY,  Joy and Strength