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hither and yon

I confess I thought about naming the post 'hither and yawn' as most of our days include quite a bit of that, do they not?

 This is a pack lunch I brought to work one day this week. I was rather proud of it (and it tasted so good!). Gluten-free fettuccine, olives, tomato, and roasted butternut squash.

I got to meet Grammy for coffee yesterday! She was back in the city briefly. So great to see her again and chat. Love you Grammy!

As you can see, I recently colored my hair... one of the side-effects of living with a bunch of girls: you do that sort of thing in the middle of the night. And then, if you're me, you instantly go "what was I thinking?" and feel bad about all your life-decisions. But it's fine. A learning experience. It's quite a nice color, but I think too drastic and unnaturally-pink for me long-term. I'll just go with it for a couple of weeks I think, and then change it back to something nearer my own to grow out.

I was able to clean out my closet last night. It felt great! Got several things organized, and realized I have a lot of black and grey shoes. :)

Christmas is starting to seep into the corners of my days. I know there are many who are religious about not letting Christmas come until after Thanksgiving. But for me, the glad expectation and wonderment begins earlier. November is a golden month for the blending of autumn and winter. I can wear wool to work. I listen to Shepherd's Abiding in the car. I walk through craft stores and home-goods stores and let the lights and colors and festivity play in my mind, inspiring me for the season to come. There's a little stock-pile behind one of my chairs of Christmas decor and paraphernalia. From subtle to dazzling. I confess I can't wait for the Christmas season, and the first snow, and the general pizazz.

If you're one of those that has to shut your ears and eyes and wait for the 25th for joy to explode, that's fine too. But I can smell hope in the air, and I've started my journey to the star.

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Anonymous said...

Love that pic of you and your Grammy!!! Preciousness!!! That lunch looks quiet yummers too!! Got a new Christmas CD for my birthday, Lauren Daigle. Me thinks its time to give er a listen!! :-) ~tammy