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Merry Season of Joy to You!

I adore the Christmas season. Even more than the day itself. The season is just magical, and brings out all the over-the-top party and decor in me. I'm so excited that the season is official now, and I can blast Christmas music and shout from the rooftops (figuratively speaking) all the festive cheer in the world.
As usual here on the this blog, I'll be sharing my traditions and holiday adventures. I've also decided that for every day of the season, I'll share with you a Christmas album that I enjoy: old classics, personal traditions, and new favorites. I'm starting off with one of the latter.
When I heard Leslie Odom Jr. was coming out with a Christmas album I was beyond excited. And to pay it the respect due, I waited until the day after Thanksgiving before I listened for the first time. It was the first thing I turned on this morning, being one of the first downstairs: coffee and Christmas music was immediately necessary. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever listened to in my life. His voice may be unequaled. It gave me goosebumps I tell you. And the good cheer and holiday spirit filled the house right from the start.

Here at my parents house, the day continued on in quite the joyous and festive manner. We made breakfast, and carried down countless boxes of decorations from the attic. Ben and I wore red plaid shirts, as is our custom, and Santa hats into the bargain. Eventually we were heading down the road with the parentals to a tree-farm that we'd just discovered existed. It was a brilliant day for it: it felt like the English countryside. There was hot cider and good cheer, and helpful family-owners.
We tramped about among the tree discussing relative merits until we found consensus.
With a stop at the store for lights and other supplies, we headed home for a day of decorating, decking-the-halls, and holiday episodes of our favorite shows. Twice-baked potatoes, peppermint hot cocoa. We're closing down the evening with White Christmas ~ * *

Enjoy it to the fullest my friends, and share the Love of the One who came down from heaven as a little baby, and lived to die in our place.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet wonderful day for ya'll!!! Love it!! We love peppermint hot cocoa too!!! How do you make yours?? We make homemade hot cocoa and drop a bit of peppermint oil in our cups. :-) ~tammy ps. i look forward to researching this album!!!

Olivia said...

Yes! For our peppermint hot cocoa, I melt chocolate chips in milk and add a few drops of peppermint extract. This year, for me, I melted dairy-free chocolate chunks in some dairy-free milk. Not quite the same, but you do what you gotta do! ;)

Anonymous said...

I do not think i have Ever melted chocolate chips in milk. Mercy, that sounds YUM-O!!! Yes, i totally get havin to do what you have to do!!! Praise God for alternatives!!!! :-)