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Pie Day

 I made thanksgiving potato-patties for breakfast this morning (stuffing and turkey in mashed potatoes), from last night's leftovers. A festive and promising start to the day.

 Then off to pie making: realized I was out of one of my flours, and missing a pie plate, but no wit abated! One is very deep-dish, and we'll see which kind of crust we like best, but gluten and dairy free they certainly are. And despite kitchen mess, was ready with my pies by midday as planned.

 Packed up the car, pies nestled in blankets and towels in the back seat. Clothes, shoes, coats, hats; laundry since I'm headed to my parents.
 And a couple of hours later I was strolling about Mama's kitchen, sipping tea, and thawing more pie crust. Two more pumpkin and an apple later, and here we are! A very pie day indeed. Hooray for tomorrow and all the family joy it contains (not to mention food, Gravy, and Pie). And a cozy family evening tonight with chatting and sipping and laughter.

Big hearts.


Anonymous said...

Gluten free pie crust can be tricky!! My husband made a great one a few weeks ago. Then i bought a frozen one at Sprouts. It was for apple pie. That pie baked an hour and the crust was gooey :0( on the bottom!!! How can that be after an hour?? Ah well. Do you have a gluten free dressing recipe?? ~tammy

Olivia said...

For our stuffing we cube Udi's gluten free bread, toast in the oven, then make our traditional recipe: turkey giblets and broth, celery and onion, sage.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Good idea!! Why did i not think of that??? In the south we make *dressin* :-). Sounds very similar, but we also add lots of cornbread. One of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes!!!