A Wednesday in December

I feel productive today, in a different way than I do on work days. With more time, and being a little less tired, I can get more done personally. So this morning I went and got the oil changed in my car for the first time (first time for me that is, not the car). Then I washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen while watching this youtube of Rick Steve's European Christmas. I've always enjoyed it, Christmas traditions and festivity from different countries and cultures. Just cozy and fun. The music is wonderful too, and doubles as my sharing of Christmas music for the day.
I also spent a couple of hours at the laundromat. Got to do some reading, journalling. wringing out of my clothes when one of the washers didn't spin. But it's such a lovely feeling to come home with a basket full of warm laundry. (Even when its freezing outside.) Not to mention I now have pajama pants to wear again. And my favorite pants are clean again, (and so on).
And this evening I've done a little crafting, while watching Bones.
Good night, my friends!