eleven and snow

Well, I didn't post yesterday (when my family had our own celebration and present opening) so this is a quick one for yesterday and today. A bit of a cop-out I know, but I promise to lock myself in my bedroom for a little real writing before the first of the year: today, however, is not that day. So yesterday, after brunch and present opening, we lounged and watched White Christmas, and Christmas in Connecticut, to round off the holiday weekend. It was lovely.
Today I packed up the car, drove home, and headed straight to work. Back from work, I'm preparing for a bit of festivity: a quiet party if you will. I dashed out for some ingredients to make mulled wine. Friends come around seven. I've showered now, and am ready for the evening to begin!
Listening to The Chieftans' Bells of Dublin yesterday and today. St Steven's Day was yesterday, gotta have some tunes for that!