In lieu of trying to belong to any number of societies: Chesterton, Sherlock Holmes, the Inklings, and so on: I propose and establish one of my own. Don your intelligence cap at the door; dust off your logic and imagination; did you bring your inspiration and encouragement? We are shapers, my friends; lit lamps; light-bringers. Bring quotes*; poetry should be uplifting and thoughtful, or witty and clever, (or both). Humor is encouraged; laughter is invited back. Pull up a chair. Anyone for tea?



Further In

I keep passing this by in my spotify albums because I couldn't remember why I liked them. Turns out today I was in just the right mood, and their album was just what I wanted to listen to! I'd put on a holiday pandora station at work, and when one of their songs came on, I had to go over and see who it was because I wanted to listen to more.... Anyway, I do hope you check it out.

Busy day at the coffee shop, since we were down a (wo)man. I love starting early in the morning though, catching the early crowd, and being around for when the sun comes up. Even when, like today, it was just ridiculously cold out, even in the middle of the day. Then I got to come home and talk with friends, eat guacamole, and drink tea. Quite perfect, if you ask me.

And then a bit of pinterest, a short nap, and a little cooking of supper. Small group tonight. Gonna go get my oil changed tomorrow...
You know, Life.

Merry festive season to you! These days I pretty much only get around to a plaid shirt and a little Christmas music. One of these days I'm going to have an actual craft and present and movie, Christmasy day. And make my 'shortbread' with almond extract.... mmmm

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