Flurries of festive

The reason I didn't post last night was that I was planning on doing it in the evening, and I was busy from about five to midnight. There were several hours of music practice and singing, and then on to a Christmas movie to round off the evening. I'd never watched The Holiday. Delightful!
 By the time I went to bed, it was technically this morning.

The earlier part of my day was full too, but more full of crafting than of anything else.
 I watched a couple of cheesy Christmas movies while I crafted and went about my day. 'Get Santa', a very British, ridiculous, and Christmasy movie. And 'Pete's Christmas', which I thought was hilarious and enjoyable--Pete's stuck in the same Christmas on repeat. Classic cheesy Christmas. Both are available on Netflix. 

 Some days when you feel behind on your Christmas spirit, you just have to do this on your day off.

And I drank an entire pot of hot tea by myself.

Recommending to you Francesca Battistelli's Christmas for festive jingly fun.


Anonymous said…
wowza!!!!! those are amazing!!!!! A friend just recommended Pete's Christmas :-) ~~~ tammy