Skating through December


Crazy busy life got in the way of me posting yesterday. Church in the morning, small group brunch, and then fellowship with the squad and serendipitous friends in town. Walking all over downtown, across bridges, through snow and rain, into decorated public buildings. We caroled our way into the coffeeshop, and sang a large percentage of the rest of the time too.

Trying to collect my thoughts these days. Getting a few down in journals and things, pulling together disjointed thoughts and ideas. I hope to share more here in the near future. For now, I'm just keeping up with the present and very 'here' things. Mind processing, work to go to, groceries to get. Things to do, people to see.

I'm not in the mood for uploading another picture right now of the album covers, but I recommend to you, In the Christmas Mood by the Glenn Miller Orchestra, and James Taylor at Christmas.


Anonymous said…
Ah Glenn Miller! Love the music and the movie!!~tammy