Flying through Advent

The windchill on my way to work this morning was -23. That's right: twenty-three degrees below zero. Sometimes I wonder why I live here.... And then I remember all the Hygge ways to keep my Heart, Home, and Aura full of Cheer, Gladness, and Warmth. HERE's another delightful post about such things, thanks to the beloved Susan Branch... we're too late for the drawings, but the rest of the post is quite a prize in itself. (Find her books at your local library for a cozy put-up-your-feet read, a perusal during breakfast or teatime, or a nightcap as you're drifting off against the pillows.)

Well, I was going to write more but the day got away with me. See you tomorrow my friends,

Tuned into Cantus' Christmas special today on Classical mpr. Check out their music if you get the chance.