The year is ending!

Had quite a lovely evening last night. Snacks and mulled wine, puzzles and singing, bananagrams and spoons, the polar express. A festive evening with friends, that naturally ended late, so my alarm this morning was a bit of rude awakening. Kept busy at work today, stopped for some radiator maintenance on my car before heading home, drank plenty of coffee on the way. And as soon as I got home, headed to bed and napped for an hour or two. Then I got up, made Avgolemono (a delicious and easy soup, that comes from Greece: rice, egg, and lemon in broth) and am watching a few shows before I head back to bed. I may or may not catch up on stuff tomorrow.

P.S. I just found out that Debbie Reynolds passed away. I could cry! Gonna have to go watch Singin' in the Rain again...