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Headed Home for the Holidays

My sister and her family got to visit my house today. It was the most wonderful time, my nieces and nephews' enthusiasm renewing the joy that is in this place. In true fashion we had plenty of food: chili and cornbread, tea and cookies. We talked and laughed and chased little ones, shared and helped out. I am so looking forward to spending a little more time with them this holiday weekend.
Ben and I are driving back to the parentals' house, small town Minnesota, tonight.
I'm all packed and ready, Christmas presents in a laundry basket, fudge in a tin, Christmas cookies under the apple cider. Santa hats peeking out.
I'm taking a deep breath to marvel at the Wonder of Christmas. That Almighty God split time and space asunder, to come be Emmanuel, the God who is with Us: His people.
Breathe in and believe it my friends..
I definitely know who wins my vote for Christmas album today: Lauren Daigle's album 'Behold'
A little jazzy, classic Christmas album style, Lauren's voice gives it almost an Adele sound.
I greatly encourage a listen!

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Anonymous said...

Merry CHRISTmas!!!! Love that Lauren Daigle CD this year!! Hope you and yours are blessed with sweet hope ,love, and peace this precious Christmas time!! Rom 5:5