A Christmas Carol

This is the delicious old copy I got last year, with its most beautiful stamped cover and gold lettering and embellishments of holly.  Last year was also when I was able to see a play of the Christmas Carol with my Aunt Emma and cousins, a most memorable and delightful experience.  I hope you enjoy these pictures of this precious volume, and can take a moment to savor this time and sit in the glow of the Christmas tree.  These brief moments of contemplation often have to be grasped when they can be had, and are most welcome in this season of pleasant (for the most part) busyness.
The pages are brittle, and the painted illustrations are on separate sheets, pasted in, as you see in only the oldest books.  It smells delicious, as aged books do that are kept well, and the material on the cover is textured and has a sort of mild satin sheen.  The colors are muted, but not unduly faded; the fonts are lovely.


Julian said…
Deliciousness indeed! Oh I LOVE old books! I have Little Men,some poetry books and Little Women. But YOU are so lucky to have A Christmas Carol! I love the brittle pages,the smell of old books is wonderful,and the pictures too. Thankyou for sharing!
Rosi Braatz said…
One of my faves....I've seen it several times in different theaters and each year the actors are 'the best yet' :-) What a treasured gem you have there. Gigi