A Winter Party

This year for our midwinter's day, I planned a party for the family, with a surprise menu and decoration.  I decided to try my hand at Pavlova, making mine with pomegranate and cardamom for a Christmas treat.  I whisked egg whites, listened to music and stories, and thwacked at pomegranates with a wooden spoon.  I had so much fun!

ready to bake

Dad's puzzle
~music to cook by

~gingerbread and cabbage in cheesy sauce
It's rather like a spongy marshmallow inside
ready and topped with whipped cream and pomegranate seeds

photo by Motherdy
~A Merry Festive Feast~
...and now the days will just be getting longer!
Nigella's bacon-wrapped meatloaf
-baked apple compote-
-pomegranate seeds-
Compliments of the Season to you all!


Julian said…
How fun!!!! Your ambition paid off,and your pavlova looks perfect! You look great too. What a fun time for making special memories.