That sort of day...

 the slow kind, and oh-so-very welcome.

Oh distant thoughts and far-off reverie
Needful of weightless silence to emerge
An open stillness, that soft panoply
Of ordered mind, precipitating surge

For merry as the chatter of delight,
Or congregating people for a feast
Still frequently my thoughts will take their flight
To fairylands of stories, trees and peace

Sometimes when days stream happy by
Though filled to brimming with our things to do
The mind must pause from contemplating why
Or drifting into philosophic blue

But still the aerie of my mind
Is found alone, and will forever be
For out of silence, in unhurried time
Comes that native tongue, sweet poetry

and long sunpatches all day...
'The Dean's Watch'


Jodi said…
You are a gift.
Olivia said…
Thank you for your consistent encouragement, my friend. It blesses and inspires me.