God with us

I was refreshed today by some words of Charles Spurgeon; I posted the quote here a couple of years ago. How often I need that reminder in the every-day. Not only in the original salvation of our souls, but in those subsequent times of need--His help, His forgiveness, His presence. These daily graces he so freely gives to his children... and how quickly I forget!
That too he forgives, and my heart fills again with wonder:
This is the baby.
This day that we celebrate... this is the birthday of that same Savior. Our King and our Lord.
God in human form, in fragile, infant, flesh, come into our dark and waiting world.
Born to die and to save.
Giver of life; giver of eternity. Christ our God, come to His own creation. An act that could have split our earth asunder; Lord let it sunder our hearts.
Let the magnitude of Your arrival thrill our souls with wonder, joy, and peace.
{ ^ Beautiful Katie post ~ do listen to the song.  I'd post it here if I knew how.}


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