"None of the Melendys ever forgot that vacation. In the memory of each, those weeks had a shine and glitter that would never grow dim.

For one thing, the weather was right. December, unlike some Decembers, seemed to have modeled itself on all the Christmas cards in the world. It snowed and snowed, and when it did not snow, the sun came out, and the fields sparkled as if they had been covered with granulated sugar. There was hardly any wind, so the trees kept their heavy epaulets of snow, and the iron deer in front of the house wore big white mob-caps on their antlers.

"I keep expecting the smoke to come out of the chimney and form the words, 'Season's Greetings' " said Rush."
~ Spiderweb for Two: A Melendy Maze . . . Elizabeth Enright
The snow fell yesterday, leaving every surface capped with fluffy snow, just moist enough for me to throw my first snowballs today~just into the air though, there was no one about... ;) Perfect weather for gift making and more decorating!