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A little catch up

Yesterday the guys came to fix my roof by eight o'clock in the morning, so I got up relatively early to clear most of my stuff out of the way. They arrived while I was eating my spinach omelette, and I just let them in and went about my day. In and out all day, fixing the roof, re-plastering my ceiling. It was kind of fun to have people around; I felt like offering them lunch.

Anyway, I turned on some NCIS and spent some time in the kitchen. I made pumpkin muffins and oatmeal bake, washed dishes, and made quinoa chili. It was very delicious. Filling, spicy, and warm.

I also pulled out my art projects in the afternoon, spread it out on the living-room floor and watched some Bones in the background. The workers were finishing in my room, sweeping up the floors and down the stairs behind them, planning to come back the next day.

I brought the chili out for supper too and made oven fries and brownies to go with it. Ben came over with Joe, and Ashley came home. We enjoyed our supper, and chatting, and then we watched an episode of Due South. Oh nostalgia and good times! We capped the evening off when Grace and a bunch of her friends came back inside and we shared hilarity, jokes, and music until we had to break it up: a few heading off to dancing. I went straight to bed, since I knew I had to get up early.

At four o'clock this morning my routine went: *pushups* *stretches* *lay-on-the-floor-till-you-stop-feeling-faint* then *shower* *oatmeal bake* *rest of day*

Work went fine, but by the time I got home I was wiped out. I'd had a full eight hour day before two in the afternoon. So I didn't get much else done today. Food and napping mostly. Now as I wake myself up again for a little evening before bed ;) I turned on some music to cheer up the soul:

And some bagpipes for the win.

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