The month is amber

These aren't pictures from this year, but they convey the beautiful autumn splendor that surrounds me. I see the most vibrant colors as I drive to work. Sumac, burning bushes, and trees in gold and burnt orange. 

This morning I drank three cups of tea with breakfast, and read through the calendar book of poetry by John Updike, illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman. It is a staple of the seasonal year, and a delight to the picture-book soul. 

I dropped off books at the library on my way to work, not including my most recent acquisition: Susan Branch's 'Autumn'--another one I like to have around at the turn of the year. Full of inspiration and coziness.

I really had a lovely day. The colors of everything. The overall way it flowed from one thing to the next. I've been loving my new prayer/devotional app. I started the day with yoga, and got to talk to Mama just briefly.

I was training in someone at work today, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It wasn't a crazy day. I came home and made oven fries and fish to eat with Ben. We chatted and he played music, and we had general good conversation.