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Three fictional characters is not enough


I had a terrible time deciding. Maybe I'm a character who can't decide: Charlie Brown? And then there's the way brains work--'I like to cook and eat (a lot). Who does that?' Some do of course, but not in a way that fits into this sort of thing. And of course, it seems like I must be forgetting all the perfect people that are just like me.

Then there's the fact that I live in a fictional world quite a lot. There is a wide store to choose from. Books, hundreds of books that I've been reading since I was six. Movies of course. TV shows, oh my. I've watched more than a few of them. And the thing is, there are so MANY lovely characters. I consider them my friends. But I don't always consider myself to be them. Sometimes of course. But often too, that's just in the reading: I am, for a time, an older priest, a young demigod, a weary soldier. But it's not because I'm like them in real life.

Most of the time, I think of myself as a companion to characters: dashing off on adventures around the world with Tintin, prowling dim streets with Whimsey, kicking back in the shade of Badon Hill with Henry. I'm a first mate by personality. I'm a Watson.
So that character wasn't hard to choose. I'm definitely a Watson, and have been since before the recent tv shows came out; I've been an Arthur Conan Doyle fan since I was a child. But I do love the recent shows, and it was lovely to see a true Watson portrayed by a woman in Elementary. Go Joan!

Juliet I picked because of how she relates to people. She's smart and independent, and herself, but she's constantly interacting with other people, seeing potential, and encouraging others to be great. She's compassionate and loyal, thoroughly amused by the crazy-silly people in her life, but she also sees their deeper side, and appeals to it.

I guess a lot of that can be said of Hermione as well. I had more difficulty choosing the third character. There are many others that came to mind, and could have found their place here: Sam Gamgee, Belle, Clara Oswald, even Jeeves. In the end I went with Hermione because of her brains and books; love of knowledge, problem-solving, and helping those she loves. She's a brave and strong character, and one who grows into her place.

By this time, naturally, I've overthought enough for us all. But I also had a brilliantly good time with this post, and thinking about favorite characters. Now that I've done it, do tell me who I've gone and left out!

I would love it if you would comment with either your three characters, or a character that reminds you of me!

and I'll be all:


Melissa said...

Delightful post, Livi! Dad and I were watching the 'Fifty Ships' Espinosa of Foyle's War last night and agreed that you are perfectly Sam. ❤️

Olivia said...

haha. <3 I assume that's an autocorrection of 'episode'

Anonymous said...

Good Mornin, i am late here with this post. Been at the beach (praise God for that sweet provision)!! So my hubby said i remind him of Watson (he hasn't even seen your post!) because he was just such a great help and companion. That was so very kind of him to say!!!! I am a bit like each of the Winnie the Pooh characters, it depends on the day! :-) Also , i want to say that even tho i do not *know* you, but you do remind me of Jo from Little Woman. Writing, full of energy, and lookin for adventure in the everyday!! ~tammy

Olivia said...

Lovely to hear! Thanks for your comments. I always enjoy them! And yes, definitely Jo. :)