A trip to Tweite's Farm

It started out as a group activity, and wound up with just the two of us able to go. 
So we went and had a blast anyway!
 A great place to indulge the inner child--life-sized lincoln logs might have been my favorite part.

We found a pineapple, and played not-mini golf (note the mallets and air-filled rubber balls).

And then there was the corn maze of course -- the forty-five-minutes-to-an-hour variety, complete with Pirate-ship shapes, and getting lost. Didn't have to use our cheater map or gps though. Just the checkpoints within the maze.

 Fun playgrounds and slides that we didn't fit in, but went on anyway. Life sized board games. We played a full game of checkers on that huge board. (And we made it so that you had to hop tile to tile yourself, when you wanted to 'jump' in the game.)

It was an all-around fun day, and had great random conversations, spanning many genres--from football to Tintin, and so on. Thanks Joe!


Joe Holme said…
I had forgotten about the cool bus!

A grand adventure indeed. I'm curious...if you owned your own set of life-sized lincoln logs, what would you make with them?