Guess who I was for Halloween?

For the work day I kept a more subtle look, but I was still going for Ziva David. I didn't have much time after I got off to get ready, so I did most of it in the morning.

Then when I got home right before the party started, I finished off the look:

I even had a wooden gun at the small of my back all night. Great fun. Love Ziva.

We had a bunch of friends over. There was guacamole and pico de gallo (the important info of the evening). Music, dancing and good times. We had some great costumes too!
The evening was nice and cool but not too freezing. The porch made a lovely spot to go and cool off.
The aftermath this morning was not as bad as we expected. We're almost back to normal already.
I went to late service at church this morning--so good--and then came home and made fish curry and a couple of apple crumbles.


Kat said…
Way too fun!!! 💛 And fish curry and crumble--mmm. Wish I could steal some leftovers!